Short half-circle skirt

Short half-circle skirt

Simple skirt for every occasion

A half-circle skirts belongs to the complete base of the doll's wardrobe. It is becoming absolutely chic and smart and has a great variability of use. Individually as a skirt, as a basis for richer skirts and also as part of the dress.

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We'll show on a basic line of short half-circle skirt how differently might to look the choice of material and work out.


You have an absolutely blank cheque and large space for imagination during a seeking of material. There are suitable woven and stretch materials, choose in light weight one, appropriated for doll clothes. Of course you can decorate by lace or appliques.

Pattern description and work out:

Attached sewing pattern for 16 inch fashion doll includes two variants. First variant is flat skirt tight at the waist and second variant is waist gathered skirt, both in middle length to the knees. You can cut two pieces or one piece. There is draw on the pattern, where the fold of cloth is.

First sew the side seams. According to the chosen variant work out the vent, fastening and waistband. Finally, sew the hem of the skirt.

Flat and gathered skirt of cotton canvas

Fine cotton woven cloths are characterized by their stiffness, beautifully keeps its shape. To sew this material is easy, because it is not flexible, doesn't move under hands, its cut, stick pins and stitching well.

Kamila dressed up the flat skirt of embroidered canvas.

To be able to dress it, always it has to have a vent to the level of the hips and worked out fastening. The vent is only 3 cm long, easy is hidden only with notch, so the press stud button in waist is enought.

Lotty dressed up the skirt of indigo print canvas with the lace.

This skirt is gathered, giving it more volume. Because it is gathered into waistband, ther is necessary also fastening. Cotton canvas nature does not require any additional stiffening with petticoat. Holds the shape beautifully alone.

Gathered skirt of flowing fabrics

Next variant is gathered skirt without tight waistband. The skirt is puckered in the waist with rubber, so there is need no fastening.

The waist is hidden upper cloth or visible. Nice look you get when you sew the tunnel casing just wide near as waist rubber. The rubber is possible also undersew or sew up as waistband.

Because the half-circle skirt is very variable, there is difficult to show you all possibilities. The photos of your creations I'll like publish in the gallery.

One skirt for various occasions

Anna acquired a flowered skirt of elastic printed viscose knitted fabric. Combining with different blouses can easily arrange a change of this universal piece of clothing.

The same skirt uses in the morning to work, during the day to walk around the city and later to dancing night.


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Short half-circle skirt

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