First doll for Sara

doll for Sara

Hello! It is a girl...

That means I really need a doll, quickly.

Of course, we were expecting the babies' birth report with impatience, but we did not count with any surprise. And the surprise came. Instead of an expected boy, it's a girl.

... The three dots mean that I skip everything around this happy family event and I immediately confide the biggest problem that has occurred to me. Tomorrow I go to the maternity hospital and I do not have a present for a girl. After all I will not bring the cushion with little locomotive to the baby, but I really need a doll.

The doll should be original, so I'll sew it, furthermore it should be suitable for the newborn baby and especially must be created extremely quickly, I have no more than an hour. Let's hurry up and start.

The idea I had immediate. It will be a little cocoon baby into duvet and will sleep, just like our little girl. Baby will not play with it and it will be just decoration in the crib, but what we know what the newborn baby senses, so the doll has to be nice.

I rummaged my stockpile of clothes and quickly choosed what would be suitable. All materials will be elastic and of pastel colors. For duvet I could not find anything, which I would have liked, but in the end I managed to find a suitable combination. I choose very primitive sewing pattern. The duvet motive I arranged on front and back side piece and both part I sew together with one quick seam. I left the fill hole on top of head. The doll I stuffed softly and the hole I sew not too carefuly, it will not be seen.

The blue cap is sewn from a piece of rectangular shape, topped by a cord. I wrapped the duvet with a ribbon. The cap and ribbon I sew on side seam, to remain nicely arranged, not slided down and lost. Finally the face is manually embroidered.



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