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maková panenka

I must admit, I love these cheap porcelain dolls. They are very pretty under their trumpery dress. They're an easily optainable material for me. I find them at gift shops, all sorts of dollar stores and markets. This time I cought one as a gift attached to a thematic magazine. I completely redress the dolls like this one and then use them as a nice gift. Such gift is always a success.

The doll is 18 cm tall, all porcelain, with shoulder and hip joints, movable head. Hair was glued on, but quite nice so I tried to keep it as it was. This doll also left my atelier in form of a gift. I bring you her change in a short report.


The doll's dress was not a real dress. Stitches were only where necessary, mostly done by hot glue. That in particular was really nasty, so I removed the glue completely - luckily it came off quite easily of the porcelain. The glue made a bigger mess in the hair, which I tried to remove with scissors, sadly not all of it.

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Designing new dress

This doll had a really pretty face and arms. I left her painted shoes, because later they wouldn't be visible. Besides, they were quite nice, with red color, so I matched the clothes with it, in case someone takes a peak under the skirt. I chose red and yellow as base colors. For material - glazy yellow polyester, resembling dupioni silk.

I supported doll's romantic look with lace and contrast embroidery. I really liked her arms so I decided not to cover it. The sewing pattern was overall very simple. Precision was crucial when measuring the doll. Every mm mattered.

Making the dress

I made the poppy embroidery as a first thing, then I did all the cutting and sewing. Only the bodice was shaped, skirt was folded and straight and attaching lace on a straight rim is really simple. No fastening at the back, just laces. However, bodice had a lining. Even though further undressing on the doll was unlikely, I consider a lining to be important. It covers the underside of the embroidery, strenghtens the front and makes the edges nicer.

Dressed in new

When designing, cutting and sewing, I worked with a real precision. My reward was a perfect fit. Dressing was very easy, the only thing left was lacing up the back. If the dress wasn't so tiny, I would have prepared nice holes for the lace, but here I only used a thick thread and a needle. Petticoat made of red tulle was also a part of the dress.

Hair decoration

After I removed the original decoration along with as much glue as possible, the hair remained noticably damaged. Therefore I covered it with new decoration. I took doll's original braids and put them up into a nice looking bun. Then I made little poppy flowers out of chiffon ribbon and beads and gently attached it to the head by couple of stitches. The original box was nice enough for a reuse.


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