Project We are Sewing for Dolls

Aim, purpose and direction of the website

The Web is didactic and primarily arises as a catalog of sewing patterns and manuals. It is focused on creativity and is intended to clever people who likes create. In the Atelier I present my own work where you can draw inspiration, it is also intended for collectors and my products can be bought here. On a small range, I offer original creative material that you can use in your work.

Upbringing and education

Hobbies are a great impetus for the development of human character. It is well-known fact that people who are engaged in any favorite activities evince much lower rate of negative behavior than others who have no interests. Education and lifelong learning play a huge role in that. As the adults we have recourse to hobbies because of relaxation or of self-realization, or simply because we are forced innerly to do it. Mostly we are searching other people who have similar interests and we are looking for mutual support. It would be very helpful if we try to pass on our experiences and enthusiasm. Usually this is to our children, grandchildren. But sometimes and often to others who are simply interested about. And all this selflessly.


The issues of providing free information to education

Sharing of own work

Most of web sites you visit on the Internet are presentations. Clever lassies are afraid to disclose information for reasons of stealing. Their attitude is simple, they are involved in their hobby with enthusiasm and usually they spend a lot of time, nobody paid them. Usually, they are duly proud of their creations. They feel the more then only sorry when their affection for the such sort of activities and willingness to publish tutorials or photos someone abuses.

I am not worried about this bad experiences. The support and to provide basic information for free I consider as natural. Further it's only up to you how well you will be clever and how you are going to do with acquired knowledge. The idea of ​​the collection of information from which everybody can draw all is not new. This is not my site, this site is for you.

Contributors and fulfilling the web

If you identify with the principle of providing free information for further education, perhaps you would like to participate in the project. I will welcome real contributions that will fit into the character of the project. If you decide to send your original material, I will prepare and publish it on the web. I grant the introduction of your authorship.

Do you like this project?

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Thank you for your support, every the contribution inspires me to the next publication.

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Take a walk together the field of textile art, toy design, modeling, painting.

Pleasant reading 
and creatively 
spent time.

It is a wish
from author of website
Dita Mrazkova

I wanted to stop time, to lay in warm duvets with a doll under the chin. To swing on a swing with small teddy bear in the pocket of dungarees, to bring my Masenka in a basket unde scarf when we went with my mother to pick mushrooms.

Already I don't want to stop the time. I have my doll on a stand beside the monitor and still I am swinging on the swing with a feeling that the world is a beautiful place to games. Evening I check kids whether they have their doll properly under the chin. I could give real form to my child dreams as an adult.

Little Ditka with mom and with the bear