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Clothes Patterns for 16" Tonner dolls

The catalogue of patterns, what her producer introduces like 16 inches. She is 38,5 cm tall with flat feets or 39,5 cm with fashion feets for high heels and she has tiny waist. This doll exists also in nice "obese" version. So she would not wear these clothes.

The doll has a lot of joints, allowing her to arrange a variety of graceful positions. Older bodies have no moving the wrist or foot, which has no effect on your clothes.

A half-circle skirts belongs to the complete base of the doll's wardrobe. It is becoming absolutely chic and smart and has a great variability of use. Individually as a skirt, as a basis for richer skirts and also as part of the dress.
We'll show on a basic line of short half-circle skirt how differently might to look the choice of material and work out.


Clothes with tectrices

Long fitted clothes with low waist and layered little skirt are splendid choose, if you want to indulge nice romantic day to your doll. This pattern combines a few elements available for decoration. First one is asymmetrical solution of pattern bellow a waiste.



A chemise with upper folded parts on breast and classic briefs for doll in dishabille. Very delicate and exact pattern for accurate modiste. All set contains two pieces - chemise and pants, but of course you can use only part of fashion for your various intention.


Springtime blouse

Button-through blazer without collar and short sleeves. Classic blouse or blazer of elegant style for every social occasion, not only for pleasing spring days.


Evening dress

Long evening dresses are fixed stars into dresser of tonner dolls. Very simple pattern, very nice effect by very low effort. There is enought to choose suitable fancy material or to give attention to detail. If you are beginner or you need this clothes quickly and easy, this fit and fluent dress is sure choice.