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Clothes Patterns for Barbie

Barbie is about 30 cm tall. It is possible to sit her but she is not standing independently. All types have movable hands, legs and head. Number of joints is different by type of doll. Someone bent also knees, wrists or waist. It has no influence for clothes because there are no large differences of bodies.

Ordinary you can meet two types of little bodies. First one has very narrow waist with joint. The patterns in cataloguea are for second type of body with immovable waist. Also My Scene has the same body. She is a difference only with size of head.

Basic sewing pattern for sleeveless dress. A small evening dress should not be missed in any women's wardrobe. There is a very easy pattern for your doll of Barbie type (size 12 "- 30 cm). Short dresses can be lengthen by sewing the extended skirts on of various length and so the pattern provides infinite variability. Inspiring combinations of lengths and materials can be viewed on the photos inside the article.


Expanded five-part skirt

Simple pattern of long skirt by five identical parts. Elegant skirt ankle-length, which extends at the knee, creating a dynamic pleasant shape, evocative dance move even immobile dolls. In combination with the top of the same substance can present just as well dress like a variable or a piece of clothing.


Very easy loose dress. At the cascading dress we need any drawn pattern, because dress are made from only parts of the a rectangular shape. At the top of is little tunnel for putting rubber bands. This will ensure that the dress did not fall. You can sew the straps, but they are harder to wear dress, so choose a longer one rather than shorter. Elegant narrow waist is solved by tie.